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CoVerica is your trusted partner facilitating insurance agency growth, stabilization, perpetuation, and sale for over 40 years

Why CoVerica?

Solutions for your agency's unique journey

It is our goal to provide solutions for agency principals at any stage of their career that fit with their lives as much as their business. No matter where you are in your agency's lifecycle, we provide tailored solutions to guide you towards sustainable success.

Achieve rapid growth while maintaining a work-life balance and mitigating risk

Regain stability, control, and autonomy in your business through scalable back-office support

Create an actionable perpetuation plan while retaining 100% control over when and how you sell your agency

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Rapid Growth

Leverage our experience to drive agency growth

Mentorship, insurance programs, & minimizing risk

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Set your agency up for long term success

Back-office support, agency transitions, & autonomy

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Sales & Perpetuation

Leave your legacy & retain your identity

Perpetuation plans, maximizing agency value, & continued purpose

Hear it for yourself

We guide our clients to success

When looking to sell your book of business or your agency outright, a professional, pragmatic, and educational experience ensures that your best interests are in focus.

"Knowing what I know now...would I do it again? The answer is, unequivocally, yes."
James Jenkins
Founder at RiskWell
Decades of Leadership Experience

Our team

Our company is backed by a team of professionals who possess extensive knowledge and industry expertise, acquired through years of dedicated experience. Meet the professionals who will guide you toward your agency success.

Rhonda Cox
Rhonda Cox
Chief Executive Officer

Rhonda began her insurance career in 1982, rose through management at various agencies, and became CoVerica's CEO/President in 2022. Committed to talent development and exceptional customer service, she led Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas, engaged in charity, and pursued education. Rhonda, hailing from Louisiana, now thrives in Texas with her family.

Andy Bracken
Andy Bracken
Chief Revenue Officer

Andy, initially the CFO at CoVerica, transitioned to Chief Revenue Officer, focusing on merger and acquisition opportunities for sustained growth. With an accounting background and diverse career, he also serves as an ordained priest, emphasizing service, and enjoys cooking, brewing, golf, and family time.

Mike Sterlacci
Mike Sterlacci

Mike Sterlacci's insurance journey started in 1979 as a captive agent, evolving to owning CoVerica. As CEO, he led growth from $10M to $100M premium, emphasizing improvement and employee fulfillment. Committed to philanthropy, he co-founded CoVerica Cares.

The CoVerica Difference

Opening agency doorways

When you partner with us, you benefit from our unmatched expertise and experience cultivated over 40 years, ensuring you receive unparalleled guidance and support throughout the entire process. Our approach prioritizes your unique goals and objectives while opening doorways that others in the industry simply don't have access to.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Feature one

Market knowledge

By sharing our deep knowledge of the insurance industry, you will gain access to targeted & customized strategies, proactive advice, and increased efficiency that will give you a competitive advantage while in your pursuit of success.

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Successful Track Record

Feature two

Dozens of acquisitions

Through decades of experience providing acquisition and growth strategy, we've gained a view into what means the most to our agency partners. Regardless of your career stage and goals, we will draw upon our extensive track record ensuring you receive exceptional results and valuable insights.

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Market Access

Feature three

Access to $10B premium organization

Through our relationship with SIAA, insurance advisors, producers, and owners who join with CoVerica gain access to a more than $10 Billion premium organization.

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Top Agency

Feature four

Top rated insurance agency

We've been recognized as the Best Practicing Agency consecutively IIABA since 2013, listed as elite or top agency with virtually all partner carriers, and are a top Master Agency with SIAA. Additionally, we're consistently in the top 10 locally in the North Texas area and in the top 100 insurance agencies nationally.

A badge logo showing that CoVerica is a Best Practices Agency winner in 2023.

About Us

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Customer testimonials

Hear what others have to say about working with CoVerica to reach their agency goals

I was the principal of an agency for a number of years. Suddenly, in the course on one year, we lost three major accounts, carriers were threatening to pull contracts and we were in real trouble. Mike Sterlacci and CoVerica provided my agency and customers a safe harbor by acquiring us. The only thing that I wish I could’ve done differently is to have sold to CoVerica 10 years earlier, because CoVerica is totally unique in its approach to acquisitions and my life would have been so much simpler. I love being a part of Team CoVerica!

John Sutter

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Our agency was a decent size as far as independent agencies go, roughly around $1,000,000 in revenue and we were primarily a service focused organization. We retained almost all our clients and would only lose accounts if the other agent had a more competitive market we didn’t have access to. However, we did not have much growth because we couldn’t afford to hire-on new producers/acquire other decent agencies. This being said, our revenue plateaued for a few years but after we were acquired, we grew our revenue to $1.46M in about 3 years. This was achieved mainly by being able to focus more on new business without the fear of losing clients causing us to miss contingencies/not be able to pay bonuses. Additionally, the support from a sales standpoint with CoVerica’s risk management team allowed us to actively go after much larger accounts we would never have thought we could get before. Prior to the acquisition our new business was mainly referrals from existing clients but now we confidently close accounts that are between $10,000-$100,000 in revenue (roughly $100,000-$1,000,000 in premium) and consistently write over $100,000 in new business revenue a year.

Dylan Patterson

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